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Premium Identity Protection

Unparalleled Support

Our in-house fraud POA-Restoration program is a confidential and easily-accessible service that provides an administrative structure for dealing with identity theft.

When you contact ID Theft Assist Member Services, our professional staff of Certified Fraud Resolution Specialists™ are available to listen to your issues, answer your questions and work with you until the problem is resolved.

ID Theft Assist provides the following identity protection services:

  • $1 MM ID Theft & Stolen Funds Insurance

  • 24/7 USA Based Restoration Team

  • Full Fraud POA-Restoration & Recovery

  • Data Breach Detection Tool

  • Lost or Stolen Wallet Protection

  • Credit Report & Score

  • Social Account Takeover

  • 3-Bureau Online Credit Monitoring

  • Medical Information Protection

  • Dark Web Surveillance

  • SSN/Risk Monitoring

  • Tax Fraud Recovery & Restoration

  • ID Risk Assessment Score

  • Email & Text alerts

Full-Time Monitoring

Proactive not Reactive

At ID Theft Assist, our goal is to stop the theft of your identity, credit and money before it happens.
We strive to keep your credit report clean. We aggressively watch over 30 access points.

Social Security

  • Activity alerts
  • New credit applications
  • Real estate
  • DMV

Internet Surveillance

  • Black market activity
  • Public information removal
  • Directory listing removal
  • DMV

Retail Accounts

  • New accounts
  • Address changes
  • Password resets
  • DMV

Brokerage Accounts

  • New accounts
  • Address changes
  • Password resets
  • Wire/ACH transactions

Payroll Companies

  • Information requests
  • W-2 information requests
  • Payday loan applications
  • Wire/ACH transactions


  • New accounts
  • Address changes
  • Password resets
  • Money transfers


  • New accounts
  • Address changes
  • Password resets


  • New accounts
  • Money transfers
  • Password resets


  • New accounts
  • Address changes
  • Password resets

Medical (MIB)

  • Registration to view
  • Medical Records

Financial & Banking

  • Address changes
  • Password reset
  • Wire/ACH transactions
  • New loan account requests
  • New check re-orders
  • Suspicious debit card activity

Full POA-Restoration Services

If a problem arises, we don't just tell you what to do, we help every step of the way.
Your Emergency Response Team

Our full POA-Restoration service is unparalleled in the industry.

We handle each client's situation from start to finish and restore your credit reputation.

Identity recovery is a difficult and exhausting process that few people are equipped to handle themselves.

Other companies advise you what to do – ID Theft Assist professionals act for you.

Certified Fraud Resolution Specialists™

Our full POA-Restoration service team consists of a national network of professionals and in-house, federally-Certified Fraud Resolution Specialists who do the work on your behalf.

Each FRS is a qualified customer service professional who is certified as a consumer interviewer consistent with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Additional certifications include: Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and Certified Credit Report Reviewer. Each FRS is made familiar with prohibited collections practices as defined by the Fair Debt Protection Act (FDCPA).

Your Secure Access

A personalized easy to use dashboard

Your personalized dashboard will issue a risk score, which alerts you to any identity threats. The dashboard monitors 360 billion credit, address and public records. 24/7 Credit Bureau Monitoring and Data Breach Detection.

As a ID Theft Assist member, your dashboard is just one of many tools available to you. You always have our technology and our team of specialists providing identity protection to you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How our POA-Restoration Process Works

Our POA-Restoration service is based on a power of attorney relationship; we handle the complete recovery process on our member's behalf.
It begins and ends with your Fraud Restoration Specialist

We work relentlessly so you can focus on the essential things in life. If a problem arises, we will handle all aspects of the restoration process.

Each FRS is a highly trained and certified as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and hold various other professional designations including CPA’s and Enrolled Agents.

If fraudulent activity is detected, here’s how it works.

Our certified resolution team will do the following:

Complete the filing of all necessary ID Theft Affidavit forms.

Submit the ID Theft Affidavit to creditors, credit bureaus or other affected entities.

Complete and submit dispute letters and fraud packets on behalf of the member.

Initiate fraud alerts to your credit file.

Obtain and review Credit Bureau Report.

Provide the member with an Emergency Response Kit.

Educate member on proactive and preventive steps in safeguarding their identity.